The Humans by Matt Haig

If you follow me on Instagram, then you probably know I’ve been reading this book for a while. According to Goodreads, I started it on the 8th of July. That’s almost two weeks guys! Reading just one book! *sighsss*

However, the fact that I read it very slowly had nothing to do with the book itself, but with the fact that I’ve been super busy with the graphic design course that I’m taking this month. Because, guys, this book was so good!!!

The Humans book cover

The Humans is about this alien that is sent to Earth to live as professor Andrew Martin. Our professor has solved a major mathematical problem on prime numbers that is supposedly going to change humanity forever, but the aliens won’t allow that to happen, claiming that humans aren’t ready for it. So an alien is sent to Earth to impersonate the professor and destroy any evidence. That includes killingΒ anyone that knows about his breakthrough.

(…) potentially we have a chance to turn back the clock and rebuild that ancient library so we can stand on the shoulders of giants that never were.

Our unnamed alien finds adapting to life on Earth very difficult at first, and he doesn’t understand simple things such as clothes. This is where I had my only problems with the book. So, our alien doesn’t understand clothes and fidelity and our food, but at times, he just knows how to use things? In the very beginning of the book, he takes the set of keys to leave the house. So he just knew he was going to need them? I understand that the narrator saying that he doesn’t know anything continuously would get a bit boring, but I still think that was done pretty inconsistently.

Apart from that, I had no problems with the book! I loved it! I am not someone who highlights books as I read, but with this book I just had to. After reading the first 59 pages, I just gave in and started my highlighting! And now I’m very tempted to reread those first pages and highlight things!

You arrived, with baby feet and hands and infinite happiness, and then the happiness slowly evaporated as your feed and hands grew bigger. (…) It was as if the knowledge that it could slip was the thing that made it more difficult to hold, no matter how big your feet and hands were.

Simply put, this book is just clever. It makes you think what being human is all about and it just makes you look at the world with a whole new perspective.

My rating Β – 8/10

Keep reading guys!



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