It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas #0

It’s mid-November now so that means it’s acceptable for me to get super excited about Christmas! Christmas is my favourite season. I love all the food, the decorations everywhere, the songs, beautiful cards and wrapping papers, thinking of what presents to get people, Christmassy movies… I COULD GO ON FOREVER.

So I’ve decided to (try to) do something a bit different on the blog as we approach the 25th of December. I will be doing these “It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas” posts and they will each have a theme. I don’t know if that makes sense, but hopefully it will be super fun and you guys will enjoy it too and get excited for Christmas with me!

The first actual post will be coming very very soon, and if you have any suggestions please comment below! And of course, if anyone wants to do this, it would be awesome.

If anyone do wants to do this with me, there are no rules. It’s just about making posts that make you feel Christmassy! It could be anything and doesn’t have to be book related (but of course could be). And you can make how many posts you want, I still don’t know how many I’ll be making. If you want a feature image, feel free to use my one, but again, you don’t have to! No rules!

Are there too many exclamation marks in this post? Possibly. But I just LOVE Christmas so much. I’m excited!

And as always, keep reading!



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