My top 5 books of 2015

I didn’t read as much as I wanted this year. This was the year I rediscovered my love for reading, so at the beginning of the year I had a pretty small goal of reading 20 books this year. Then, in the summer, I pretty much reached that goal so I thought I should increase it to 50. HAHAH. I genuinely thought I could do it! Do you know how many books I’ve read? 29.

29 books in a year. 😦

I wasn’t expecting this second year of uni to take up so much of my time. And it’s not like I’m studying a lot and getting amazing grades either so I’m not feeling great about my reaching achievements or about my uni achievements. But oh well.

I still read some amazing books this year! And I’m so so glad that I’ve rediscovered my love for reading.

Here is my top 5 books I read this year but in no particular order (I think!). I gave all of these a 5/5 stars rating on Goodreads.

top51.Β The Martian
2.Β Wonder
3.Β The Art of Being Normal
4.Β The Knife of Never Letting Go
5.Β An Ember in the Ashes

I apologise for taking some time to post this, I was in New York City baby! Where I acquired a lot of books. And I mean A LOT. My December bookhaul is going to consist of 24 books hahah soooo look forward to that.

I hope you all have an amazing 2016, full of wonderful books ❀


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