ARC Review | Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall

**I received this book in exchange of an honest review and that’s exactly what this is. Thank you Chicken House and Nina for sending it to me**

Oh my god you guys. This book is amazing in all the different ways possible.

Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall follows Norah, a teenage girl (about 17 years old I think?) struggling with OCD and agoraphobia. Norah lives her life confined in the house that she shares with her mum.

She has contact with two people in her life: her mum and her therapist. And from time to time the staff of Helping Hands – a company that delivers the food. Norah can’t go outside but she does sit on her front door sometimes to get some fresh air, and that’s how she meets Luke. Against all odds, Norah can’t help wanting to be friends with him and she is determined to portray a girl that he would see as ‘normal’.

2016-04-24 05.03.49 1.jpg

We follow Norah’s incredible journey working through her feelings for Luke, but more than anything else, working through her feelings and opinions about herself, about not letting her mental illness define who she is. This is not a YA book about a girl with mental illness and a boy that ‘saves’ her, this is about saving yourself with the help of those that love and accept you. It’s amazing. It’s eye opening. Everyone should read it.

I personally do not know anyone with OCD or agoraphobia and being able to read from such a realistic point of view was really educational and so so interesting. I couldn’t help rooting for Norah when she was determined to do the smallest things and the feeling when she succeeded was amazing. You’ve got this girl! I felt her pain and her achievements. Louise uses her own experience of OCD and agoraphobia to write this book and I think that’s what makes it so real.

Talking about mental illness is so important and I do think it should be done in YA but more often than not I end up reading books that simply just anger me because they get it so wrong. This was definitely not the case with Under Rose-Tainted Skies and it has already become a favourite of mine.

My rating – 10/10

Under Rose-Tainted skies comes out on the 7h of July in the UK and you can pre-order it here!


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