#ThisIsWhoIAm | The Square Root of Summer

The Square Root of Summer is Harriet Reuter Hapgood’s debut novel. It’s a contemporary with a gorgeous cover and it involves time travelling and it’s been getting great reviews!

The lovely people at My Kinda Book sent me a copy for review with some lovely goodies and they also invited me to take part in the #ThisIsWhoIAm campaign to celebrate the launch.

Unfortunately I have not had the time to read the book just yet (damn university and exams!) but I still wanted to take part in this as I thought it was such a lovely idea – to celebrate who you are. I know that the main characters in the book created a time capsule, so this is an idea inspired by that and they challenged people to think of fives things that represent who they are right now.

2016-05-07 03.14.05 4.jpg

I admit, I had a bit of trouble choosing my five things. I just didn’t know if they were important enough. But then I realised these five things are meant to represent who I am right now and what I’m passionate about. It’s ok to change them in a few years. Or days. Or hours!

The five things I ended up choosing are:

2016-05-07 03.15.12 1.jpg


This one is no surprise but I had to write it down. Obviously.


I am obsessed you guys!!! It’s so good, I have literally been listening to at leas one song of Hamilton for the past three months or something. And I’m not planning on stopping anytime soon.


This is a bit of an old love of mine. I love buying new shoes. I love collecting them. I just love everything about them! I also love socks so this was a tough decision.

Funko Pops

The money I’m not spending on books or shoes I’m spending on Funkos. But they’re just so cute I can’t help it.


I love food. And I was trying to think of my favourite food to write down and I realised what I really love at anytime is pasta. I could eat past every day without getting sick of it. I think.


The Square Root of Summer came out on the 5th of May and you can order it here. I will definitely be reading my copy soon and reviewing it for you guys!



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