Buying Glasses Online #1 + OOTD

I decided to try something a little different today. This has been on my mind for a while but I wasn’t sure how it would be received by you guys but I decided to just go for it!

2016-05-12 08.44.40 1.jpg

From time to time I will also be posting makeup/lifestyle/fashion things on the blog. They’re all something that I’m interested in too and thinking about different blog posts that I could keeps me motivated.

So as you can tell by the tittle I bought glasses online. I wear my glasses everyday even though I only ‘really’ need them for reading and looking at screens. But I’m basically doing that all the time now and when I don’t wear them I get a headache. Apparently I’m addicted to them. Or at least that’s what my optometrist said.

Apart from needing them, I also love the way glasses look and they make me feel safe. When I found out about the Firmoo website selling cheap af frames I had to give it a try!

I spent a few days looking at their wide range of glasses and deciding which ones I wanted. They had a 2for1 deal at the time so I decided to get prescription sunglasses too. And these are the ones I ended up getting:

I was very apprehensive to order glasses online. I was afraid they wouldn’t fit my face right and I would just end up wasting money. Especially when I have a quite high nose bridge and a lot of plastic glasses hurt me.

But the website is super useful and it has all the glasses measurements so that you can compare to your current pair. They also have a ‘try-on’ feature where you can upload a photo and see what you would look like with them but I didn’t find that all that useful and decided to just trust the numbers and my instinct.

2016-05-12 08.45.15 1.jpg

Prescription wise, you basically just send them yours together with your pupillary distance and you’re done! I didn’t know my pupillary distance but they have a very useful tutorial on how to measure it yourself and I had no problems with it.

I like in the UK and the glasses arrived super quick! I placed my order on the 17th of April and received the glasses on the 26th. Everything was well packaged with no risk of damage and the glasses came with some super cute cases.

This is NOT a sponsored post, I just wanted to share my experience and spread the joy of cute cheap glasses. And yes, this is #1 because I’ve ordered another pair from another website and will be sharing that with you soon!

2016-05-12 08.45.33 1.jpg

I want all the glasses now. I can see this becoming a problem.

Also, can we just acknowledge how hard it is to take outfit photos by yourself??? This was a struggle. I had fun doing it though so it was totally worth it hahah

I would love to hear your thoughts on this kinds of posts. This one was a bit more informative because I was so nervous about buying glasses online, I wanted to share my experience with it.



4 thoughts on “Buying Glasses Online #1 + OOTD

  1. peculiarb says:

    I bought my current glasses online because I didn’t want to change the frames after I lost my old pair and I couldn’t find them in a shop. So far it’s been 3 years and I’m very happy, I don’t see anything wrong with buying them online especially since you can usually make minor adjustments at any shop.

    Liked by 1 person

    • reflectionofthebooks says:

      There’s nothing wrong with buying glasses online I was just a bit apprehensive about the frames fitting my face right hahah I’m so glad I bought them though! xx


  2. Sarah says:

    LOVE love your pics and new glasses, they really suit you! Quick question – what is on your glasses case? I can’t quite see, but I’m already in love haha. I’m glad you had fun making this post – I’m really excited for future lifestyle/make up posts. I love book talk, but it’s great to know more about your other interests.
    P.s – your hair is gorgeous ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • reflectionofthebooks says:

      Thank you so much Sarah! This was so lovely to read ❤
      It's like an antique map print, it's sooo pretty I'm in love with it! I'm really excited about the new posts too 😀


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