So it’s almost the end of the year again (where did 2016 go???! Also, what a shitty year right?) and I recently came across this reading “challenge” on Twitter that was created by these wonderful people: @novelparadise, @headinherbooks, @thesebooklions, @thebooksbuzz, @rhaegardied, @ohbrekker, @aimalfarooq, @bookwormwanders and @theauslibrary


The goal is pretty self explanatory – read one book for each square and cover all the squares within the course of the year. Now, this involves reading at least 36 books. Which is not realistic to me at the moment since I’m struggling to complete my 2016 Goodreads goal of 35 books. 35!!!

I plan to use this as a more of a guide to read more diversely in 2017 and if I end up filling all the squares, then great! I am open to recommendationsΒ for any books that fill these squares and I will of course be blogging my progress throughout 2017.

On Twitter, the hashtag #DiversityBingo2017 is being used and you can find loads of useful information and book recommendations on it!


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