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The UKYA Book Blogger Awards are OPEN! #awardukyabbloggers

A big shout out to the wonderful helpers this year:

Aditi @ A Thousand Words A Million Books
Amy McCaw @ YA Under My Skin
Andrew @ The Pewter Wolf
Annalise @ AnnaliseBooks
Aurelija @ myblinddatewithbooks
Chelley Toy @ Tales Of Yesterday
Chloe @ Writer-On-Wheels
Cintia @ Reflection of the Books
Emma @ Howling Reviews
Georgia Stencel @ The Books Bandit
Jesse @ thatjessebloke
Kaavya @ outlookonabook
Kaisha @ thewritinggarnet
Rachel Kennedy @ Ya-bberingBooklover
Rebecca @ Rebecca McCormick’s Authorial Blog
Virginie @ Chouett

Voting for the SHORTLIST is via Luna’s Little Library who is hosting the UKYA Book Blogger Awards this year. Just follow this link here.

The voting closes on Friday 27th May 2016.

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Now to the 26 UKYA bloggers made the UKYA Book Blogger Awards LONGLIST:

Congratulations all!

UKYA Book Blogger Awards LONGLIST

Annalise – Annalisebooks

Ben – Benjaminoftomes

Beth – Bibliobeth

Charli – To Another World

Dani Reviews Things

Denise – The Bibliolater

Emma – Howling Reviews

Hollie – Hollieblog

Holly – Lost in a Library

Huriyah & Nalisha – SugarQuills

Jenny – Wondrous Reads

Jessica – Paper Utopia

Kaisha – The Writing Garnet)

Katie – queenofteenfiction

Maia – maiaandlittlemoore

Miss Meira Dee

Nicola – Nicola Reads YA

Olivia Mitchell – Rewrite This Story

Rachel Kennedy – Ya-bberingBooklover

Rebecca – Rebecca McCormick’s Authorial Blog

Rita – Weaving Pages

Sanne – booksandquills

Sarah – Feeling Fictional

Sophie – So Many Books, So Little Time

Stacey – The Pretty Books

YA Fictionados

The SHORTLIST is over at Luna’s Little Library and I’m so excited I made the ‘Best Newcomer’ category! This is such an honour aaaah thank you so much every one who nominated me!

Please go vote guys!



Buying Glasses Online #1 + OOTD

I decided to try something a little different today. This has been on my mind for a while but I wasn’t sure how it would be received by you guys but I decided to just go for it!

2016-05-12 08.44.40 1.jpg

From time to time I will also be posting makeup/lifestyle/fashion things on the blog. They’re all something that I’m interested in too and thinking about different blog posts that I could keeps me motivated.

So as you can tell by the tittle I bought glasses online. I wear my glasses everyday even though I only ‘really’ need them for reading and looking at screens. But I’m basically doing that all the time now and when I don’t wear them I get a headache. Apparently I’m addicted to them. Or at least that’s what my optometrist said.

Apart from needing them, I also love the way glasses look and they make me feel safe. When I found out about the Firmoo website selling cheap af frames I had to give it a try!

I spent a few days looking at their wide range of glasses and deciding which ones I wanted. They had a 2for1 deal at the time so I decided to get prescription sunglasses too. And these are the ones I ended up getting:

I was very apprehensive to order glasses online. I was afraid they wouldn’t fit my face right and I would just end up wasting money. Especially when I have a quite high nose bridge and a lot of plastic glasses hurt me.

But the website is super useful and it has all the glasses measurements so that you can compare to your current pair. They also have a ‘try-on’ feature where you can upload a photo and see what you would look like with them but I didn’t find that all that useful and decided to just trust the numbers and my instinct.

2016-05-12 08.45.15 1.jpg

Prescription wise, you basically just send them yours together with your pupillary distance and you’re done! I didn’t know my pupillary distance but they have a very useful tutorial on how to measure it yourself and I had no problems with it.

I like in the UK and the glasses arrived super quick! I placed my order on the 17th of April and received the glasses on the 26th. Everything was well packaged with no risk of damage and the glasses came with some super cute cases.

This is NOT a sponsored post, I just wanted to share my experience and spread the joy of cute cheap glasses. And yes, this is #1 because I’ve ordered another pair from another website and will be sharing that with you soon!

2016-05-12 08.45.33 1.jpg

I want all the glasses now. I can see this becoming a problem.

Also, can we just acknowledge how hard it is to take outfit photos by yourself??? This was a struggle. I had fun doing it though so it was totally worth it hahah

I would love to hear your thoughts on this kinds of posts. This one was a bit more informative because I was so nervous about buying glasses online, I wanted to share my experience with it.


UKYA Book Blogger Awards | Nominations

Hey guys!

It’s that time of the year again and the 2016 UKYA Book Blogger Awards Nominations are now open!

ukyabookbloggerawards 2.jpg

I’ve decided to help out this year. I’ve been blogging for almost a year now and I’ve met some lovely people along the way and this is a great way to celebrate that. The other wonderful bloggers who’ll be helping are:

Aditi @ A Thousand Words A Million Books

Amy McCaw @ YA Under My Skin

Andrew @ The Pewter Wolf

Annalise @ AnnaliseBooks

Aurelija @ myblinddatewithbooks

Chelley Toy @ Tales Of Yesterday

Chloe @ Writer-On-Wheels

Emma @ Howling Reviews

Georgia Stencel @ The Books Bandit

Jesse @ thatjessebloke

Kaavya @ outlookonabook

Kaisha @ thewritinggarnet

Rachel Kennedy @ Ya-bberingBooklover

Rebecca @ Rebecca McCormick’s Authorial Blog

Virginie @ Chouett

And big thanks to them and to Faye @ A Daydreamers’s Thoughts for letting Luna’s Little Library host this year.

Let us start!
In 2016 UKYA Book Blogger Awards there are 15 categories to vote in.

Please submit your nomination via the form below or clicking here. You can nominate up to 3 Bloggers per category. Make sure to include both the Blogger and Blog Name to make it a valid nomination.

Nominations close at midnight on the 15th May 2016.

Don’t forget to share the love! #awardukyabbloggers


  1. Best Blog Design
  2. Best Feature
  3. Best Newcomer (under 1 year)
  4. Best Growing Blogger (1-3 years)
  5. Best Oldtimer (3years+)
  6. Best on Social Media* (be is Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Tumblr, etc… The Blogger in question doesn’t have to be on all types of social media, they can be you favourite on Twitter for example.)
  7. Best Booktuber
  8. Best Overseas Blogger
  9. Marvellous Blogger Award (combining the Sweetest & Friendliest Blogger category)
  10. Best Team / Co-op Blog
  11. Best Female Blogger
  12. Best Male Blogger
  13. Blogger Spirit Award (combining the Most Enthusiastic & Most Passionate category from 2015)
  14. Best Teen Blogger
  15. Best Adult Blogger



Please participate if you can! This is a great opportunity to meet loads of new people and recognise the hard work of bloggers out there.



Book Review | Am I Normal Yet? by Holly Bourne

This book has been on my radar for ages. Everyone seems to love it. It has a crazy high rating on goodreads (4.36!) and I follow Holly Bourne on Twitter and I’ve met her at events a couple of times and she is so lovely. I couldn’t wait to read her book. I had heard it was amazing and a great book about mental heath and feminism and relationships.

I guess you can tell by now that I didn’t love this book nearly as much as I thought I would.


Am I Normal Yet? by Holly Bourne follows Eve, a 16 year old who has OCD but she’s getting off her meds, she’s starting college (last two years of high school for you American folks out there ;)) where no one will know her as the “crazy girl” and she’s going to parties and dates and making new friends. All she wants is to be “normal” and it looks like she’s basically there.

Throughout the book we see her dealing with all this, sometimes not so well and stuff happens and she’s falling in love for the wrong boy and all that good stuff. I actually enjoyed how this book dealt with life and with mental health. Eve’s voice did feel a bit too young at times, like she was a 13 year old trying to act like a 16 to impress her friends, but at some level that’s what was happening because she had missed so many of her teenage years already.

What really bothered me about this book though, was the feminism. I was hoping to love it. It was part of the reason why I was dying to read this. I am not exaggerating when I say I was a quarter into this book when feminism was mentioned for the first time! I read this on Kindle, but this is a big book. It’s 434 pages long. That’s over 100 pages of no mention of feminism when these characters were supposed to be feminists? What? Am I the only one who has a problem with this.

Eve and her two new friends decide to start this club to talk about feminism and they have weekly meetings and everything. But that’s pretty much the only time feminism is involved in the story. They don’t incorporate it into their lives. In fact, one of these friends who seems to think she’s better at being a feminist than the other two, spends most of her time being annoyed that her friends want to date boys and that they want to talk about boys. THERE’S NOTHING WRONG TO TALK ABOUT THE PERSON YOU FANCY WITH YOUR BEST FRIENDS! It’s part of life. You’re happy and you want to share with your best friends. You’re upset and you need your best friends. It’s fine. Jeez. She wants to not talk about boys but surely complaining so much about talking about boys is not that productive either?

Also, when they are talking about feminism it’s mostly one of them just going on rants for what I imagine would be at least a page (about two pages on the kindle) and the other two just saying “Yes! Go you!”. It honestly felt like reading a textbook on facts I already knew.

Had this book been just about OCD and mental illness I would have given a super high rating, Holly did that extremely well. Unfortunately, the feminism felt forced and out of place.

This book is part of a companion series I believe and the second book follows a different character – one of Eve’s best friends. I might continue on and see how that one feels as I read an excerpt of it a while back and thought it was super funny.

My rating – 6/10

#ThisIsWhoIAm | The Square Root of Summer

The Square Root of Summer is Harriet Reuter Hapgood’s debut novel. It’s a contemporary with a gorgeous cover and it involves time travelling and it’s been getting great reviews!

The lovely people at My Kinda Book sent me a copy for review with some lovely goodies and they also invited me to take part in the #ThisIsWhoIAm campaign to celebrate the launch.

Unfortunately I have not had the time to read the book just yet (damn university and exams!) but I still wanted to take part in this as I thought it was such a lovely idea – to celebrate who you are. I know that the main characters in the book created a time capsule, so this is an idea inspired by that and they challenged people to think of fives things that represent who they are right now.

2016-05-07 03.14.05 4.jpg

I admit, I had a bit of trouble choosing my five things. I just didn’t know if they were important enough. But then I realised these five things are meant to represent who I am right now and what I’m passionate about. It’s ok to change them in a few years. Or days. Or hours!

The five things I ended up choosing are:

2016-05-07 03.15.12 1.jpg


This one is no surprise but I had to write it down. Obviously.


I am obsessed you guys!!! It’s so good, I have literally been listening to at leas one song of Hamilton for the past three months or something. And I’m not planning on stopping anytime soon.


This is a bit of an old love of mine. I love buying new shoes. I love collecting them. I just love everything about them! I also love socks so this was a tough decision.

Funko Pops

The money I’m not spending on books or shoes I’m spending on Funkos. But they’re just so cute I can’t help it.


I love food. And I was trying to think of my favourite food to write down and I realised what I really love at anytime is pasta. I could eat past every day without getting sick of it. I think.


The Square Root of Summer came out on the 5th of May and you can order it here. I will definitely be reading my copy soon and reviewing it for you guys!


ARC Review | Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall

**I received this book in exchange of an honest review and that’s exactly what this is. Thank you Chicken House and Nina for sending it to me**

Oh my god you guys. This book is amazing in all the different ways possible.

Under Rose-Tainted Skies by Louise Gornall follows Norah, a teenage girl (about 17 years old I think?) struggling with OCD and agoraphobia. Norah lives her life confined in the house that she shares with her mum.

She has contact with two people in her life: her mum and her therapist. And from time to time the staff of Helping Hands – a company that delivers the food. Norah can’t go outside but she does sit on her front door sometimes to get some fresh air, and that’s how she meets Luke. Against all odds, Norah can’t help wanting to be friends with him and she is determined to portray a girl that he would see as ‘normal’.

2016-04-24 05.03.49 1.jpg

We follow Norah’s incredible journey working through her feelings for Luke, but more than anything else, working through her feelings and opinions about herself, about not letting her mental illness define who she is. This is not a YA book about a girl with mental illness and a boy that ‘saves’ her, this is about saving yourself with the help of those that love and accept you. It’s amazing. It’s eye opening. Everyone should read it.

I personally do not know anyone with OCD or agoraphobia and being able to read from such a realistic point of view was really educational and so so interesting. I couldn’t help rooting for Norah when she was determined to do the smallest things and the feeling when she succeeded was amazing. You’ve got this girl! I felt her pain and her achievements. Louise uses her own experience of OCD and agoraphobia to write this book and I think that’s what makes it so real.

Talking about mental illness is so important and I do think it should be done in YA but more often than not I end up reading books that simply just anger me because they get it so wrong. This was definitely not the case with Under Rose-Tainted Skies and it has already become a favourite of mine.

My rating – 10/10

Under Rose-Tainted skies comes out on the 7h of July in the UK and you can pre-order it here!

ARC Review: Swan Boy by Nikki Sheehan

**Thank you Rock the Boat for sending me this ARC in exchange of an honest review. This does not influence my thoughts and opinions in any way.**

This book gave me all the Billy Elliot feelings. And I mean that in a good way!

2016-03-28 02.44.38 1.jpg

Swan Boy by Nikki Sheehan tells the story of Johnny, a 13 year old boy who had to recently move houses and start a new school after his father’s death.

At this new school, Johnny is being badly bullied by mostly one boy in particular. He doesn’t tell his mum or teachers and help ends up coming from a surprising source (from a swan – yes you guessed it!).

Johnny and the boy who has been bullying him end up as main leads in the school play where they are performing Swan Lake. This is the part that gave me the Billy Elliot feelings. We get to see Johnny fall in love with dance and I’m not sure why but that’s always something I love seeing in films/books.

As I said, Johnny is 13. He already has a lot of stuff going on in his life but he is also becoming a teenager so he has to deal with that part of life too.

I don’t have a lot of experience reading Magical Realism but I’m pretty sure that’s what this book is. And it was such a whimsical and wonderful experience! In my opinion, the way we get to explore Johnny’s life and his growth throughout the book really reflected well what it is to become a teenager.

Find the courage to fly.

We also have a very important family aspect in the book and I loved the family dynamic. Especially Johnny’s relationship with his little brother’s Mojo, who was a different animal every week on account of being five years old and you don’t really know who you are when you’re five.

This book was very relatable without trying to hard. I genuinely think that each person reading this book will find a different way to relate to it.

My rating – 8/10

Swan Boy is being released on the 5th of May in the UK and you can pre-order it here.